Polska Blood Sucka Phucka Ch. 02

snake down my mouth. His hands push me further down into the abyss of doing my quotidian biz. My wet lips carefully surround my carefully filed fangs. I’m not chancing any punishment, no thanks. I slide up and down, up and down the pole, like all the pretty horses on the merry-go-round of my soul. Within a few seconds, I’m taking it all, to the

A Day For Me

nipple exposing the whole right side of my body but I shook out of it and headed to the kitchen for a nice bowl of cereal. After cleaning my dish I headed to the tub for a relaxing salt bath and a good, close leg and body shave. Out of the tub I felt refreshed enough to squeeze myself into a tight pair of jeans, a tight tee and my little leather

The Naked Professor

I’m not!  I’m wearing a tie.  Please help me remove it.”Rebecca blushed as she pulled his tie up and over his head.  She saw his brown hair under his armpits.  She could smell his manly odor.  Rebecca was worried that her wet vagina was becoming obvious to the class.“Now I am naked, if you haven’t noticed.”“I hadn’t noticed,” Rebecca joked to

Do As I Please

of a day.’ I pleaded. ‘Sorry, I don’t make the rules.’ He exclaimed. He handed me back my change, as I got off the empty bus with a sigh. What a day, I thought. I was going to have to walk back to my apartment in the hot morning sun, fantastic. I had been walking for about five minutes when I heard my phone ring. ‘Hello?’ I stopped and answered.

Danny, my forever

of him after my earlier suck. I was ready for what he would do, I felt him moving his hard cock across my cheeks, telling me how good that felt and what a great ass I had. Soon I would be full of him, that certain wonderful feeling when a guy enters you, but this guy was special, it was Danny. Danny my forever.And afterwards, I wanted it again

My Stockholm Girl

I wasn’t… How did I get myself into these situations? I peeked through the blinds at the scene outside the office. At least three police cars were now parked outside with their doors open like shields, armed police arrayed around them. Actually armed, like, with guns! I’d never even seen a real gun before today. “Release the girl and come out

Part 4 Busty Young Liz Does The Gardener

outside of her relationship with her boyfriend. Jeff just happened to be around when her boyfriend was away on holiday, and it just felt right to go back with him that night. There were no regrets either, although she had been unfaithful, the moment of pleasure far outweighed the guilt.She had been unfaithful before, but with Jeff it was really

Changed Lives

I needed an art, or better a job that had a master to serve. It stated that this would give me humility and a clear purpose. The occupation the book referred to was defunct, but I decided to apply the theory of it to a current occupation. I took to rising ever morning to catch the train, I observed people, I decided that the placement of power

Kara the slut

tossed her underwear onto the floor as the doorbell rang. Kara quickly redid her clothes as Marcus led the delivery guy in. He laid the food on the table and could not keep his eyes off the sexy Kara. Marcus noticed it and whispered something in his ear. The delivery boy smiled and nodded eagerly.Marcus then called Tim and Kara over to the dining

hospital visit

was treated by a very nice naval officer who after giving me a shot of the contrast told me to wait outside in the lobby. there i saw a very beautiful female lance crpl. i said hi she looked down at my shoes and said hi recruit. after my bone scan they were afraid that i had broken my left foot so i had to get an xray. after all the images were

Kinky Pleasure

and took a glance at the items he had laid out on the bed below her feet. Graham got onto the bed and placed his knees either side of her body but faced her feet. He then started to rub his hand up and down her lace thong and watched Debbie’s legs move slowly apart from each other his rubbing became more firm and started to trace the length of

Best Sex Ever

panties to reveal her moistening and fully shaved pussy. I teased her with some intense fingering, something I learned to do well while in college where I developed a reputation for giving women quick and intense orgasms and always had women lined up for my attention, especially during exam time. She was already writhing in anticipation and I

Vacation with Teens -1.1- The Meeting

this morning it was still dark, she knew she had been having a nice dream tonight. But now, she couldn’t even remember what it had been about. Unwillingly she raised herself from her bed, knowing her dream was now lost forever. She tried to open her eyes fully, but the gleams of sunlight quickly restrained her from doing so. Lily sat there for a

Party Tasks

while I fuck you?" he asked as she felt a mouth close over hers. She tried to answer but began to shake as she felt a searching tongue at her lips. Without realizing it, her tongue snaked out and she began to urgently kiss her girlfriend who was now toying with her nipples. "Yes," she murmured between kisses. "Please fuck me. Watch me lick her


in one move, revealing my 4’’ (I was only 12) cock to the girls.They both gasped and Holly leant forward to touch it.Her delicate little finger around my shaft was like ecstasy pills, every time her tiny digits passed over a vein my super-sensitive rod, sent tidal waves through my mind. She carried on slowly rubbing my small dick delicately,

First time out swinging

This is a true story. I hope you guys enjoy it!First, a little about me. My name is lindsay, I am 27 years old. I am 52, tan, fit body, 32DDD (fake), brown hair, brown eyes, nice ass and shaved.A few months ago, my husband convinced me to become a swinger. He said he would be extremely turned on to see me or hear stories about me having sex with

The Grey Between – Katrina

be any more than… five months? Maybe? Just laying there… on that filth-covered floor. I looked around, but didn’t see anyone there. No one… just that child. I went to the bathroom, did my business, and returned. ‘The child was still there. I couldn’t… just leave the child there. Everything I’ve ever been taught told me to do something. Pick the


who walks the eight and nine batters. Jeff gets up. He pulls back his bunt for ball one. Now the fielders move in for a bunt. Ball two bounces to the side of the catcher. Both runners run. The catcher quickly scurries to the ball, throws to third. The third baseman can’t catch the ball because he’s just getting to the base. The ball goes into the

the naughty mom part 6

between her legs. Oh, wowwwww! Shawn flapped his tongue, lapping at her raw, steaming fuckmeat. He licked up and down her cunt with long swipes. Every time his tongue flicked across her clit, Alicia felt needles of electricity shoot through her loins. Mom, you taste so good! The boy ate pussy as if he were starving, his tongue flicking and

Book Bindings Chapter One

the secrets of his little Green book. I looked at everything with a new eye in the store that day. Mr Wu’s artistry was not actually visible upon first inspection, his mixture of seamless flow and shocking eccentric were crafted to gently begin testing your boundaries, to lead you to begin testing them yourself, so that when you arrived at the

Land of Empowered Man-Haters

aren’t that biased against the male citizenry yet. I’m not saying Britain is perfect. Like all western countries, it has its bouts of radical feminism every now and then. However, it’s still very much a man’s country. North America is the reverse. Women seem to control everything from the courts to the schools and the businesses and it’s the

The Peeping Tom - Day Two

I open the window just in time to see the college girl in her window in her skirt and bra, putting on her blouse.I am in just my bathrobe, which I slip off, sitting down naked next to the little table with my box of hankies on the ready.Next door to the college girl there is a light on in the bedroom of Brian and Deb, a nice couple in their early

A Victorian Pony Girl part 3

be long now, Your mother says Lord Alton's eldest is your intended." "Y, yes," stammered Sarah, "But he is betrothed to another.""That's where we come in, so get your kit off." May insisted."What?""Strip,""No"Sarah felt strong hands at her shoulders, "Shall I proceed Madam," asked Nanny"Yes lets get her undressed,""No I forbid you," wailed Sarah

My Summer Boss 9

trying to wriggle out of my grip. After a minute of struggling, I found myself laying across her legs, pinning them. Despite myself, I was grinning like an idiot as I tried to reach into her uniform to grab my boxers. But while we were wrestling around they had traveled farther down, and I couldn’t reach it by going through the top of her

Daddy dear

i came on his cock. ‘Yes, I knew you love my cock in your pussy. You love to be fucked.’ And he kept fucking me. He pounded my cunt hard. i seemed to love it.He laughed and said,’you were built to be fucked. You love your dad fucking that tight hole of yours.’ And I did. After i came about a dozen times he finally came once more in my hole. The

A father’s love for his daughter takes on a surreal incestual twist

to pitch in as amatter of self-preservation. The girls made a summersalad and I grilled a little Ahi on the indoor grill. We sat down to eat and began talking about our day. Itwas as though Julianne wasn’t even aware that I’d gone toSan Fran. All she could talk about was her afternoon atthe mall with her sister. She groused about prices andraved


all, Mark was just coming too fast. Soon cum began spilling out of her mouth. It smeared on her lips and cheeks and ran down over her fingers and hands even as she kept swallowing what seemed like gallons of cum.Since Mark had always stopped in the past, Gwen knew that, sooner or later, he was bound to finish. But with him still stiff, erect and

Saturday Morning

fingers to stimulate and devour me. He plays me like an instrument taking me to the precipice and back again. The waves increase in ferocity until finally he pushes me over the edge and I am lost, falling into a sea of desire and pleasure. I writhe and gasp for air, as though I were submerged in a roiling tide of utter bliss. He knows that he has

Jenny and Sam - Chapter 1

sometimes talked about laser hair removal but had done nothing about it as they would then be denied the loving and intimate moments spent making Jenny smooth. The one thing they were certain about was that Jenny being smooth was a real turn-on for them both. For Jenny it was that fresh and free feeling together with the gorgeous sensations of

Gondola Ride

orgasm shudders through me and I feel my pussy clenching around your cock as you continue assaulting me with your stiff cock. My knees begin to buckle and you push me sideways onto the bench. Sitting there leaves me too high so I slide off and kneel in front of you. Your cock is still standing at attention, coated in my cum. I pull you closer and

Our First Anniversary

know that if he does fuck me, it will be bareback.”“Good,” I replied.“He will cum inside me!”“Perfect,” I replied, “I want him to!”She went back to the kitchen and poured three cups of coffee and returned to our bedroom carrying a silver tray. She handed me my cup and took the other two to Gary’s room. I quickly finished my coffee and showered

Birthday Surprise Ch.3

for a few minutes by Zoe's car, they made plans for her celebration dinner.  When they were ready to depart, Ivana grabbed Zoe by the waist and pulled her friend to her. She kissed Zoe firmly, her tongue exploring her sexy friend's willing mouth. Zoe returned the kiss and the two women stood there in front of the restaurant like schoolgirls,

Spicing Things Up

all his attention. Carla was a teacher at a local high school, while Robert was a lawyer. They were both forty seven and have been married for twenty two years now. Due to giving birth to twins, over the years Carla had gained some weight but it was all in the right places. With both kids now out of the house, they took complete advantage of that

Tables To Be Turned (resubmission)

for his suit and other trappings as a fakery. Though a little frightened, Gina couldnt help her frantic arousal to be caressed by a man so refined. His gentle pinching of her nipples made Gina shudder and squeal with delight, while his determined kneading of the cheeks of her ass weakened the little girls knees. Rather than push his huge cock

Natural Remedy

of tea with a couple of tablespoons of honey in it, took the vitamins, and chewed as many garlic cloves as I could handle. She looked at me the whole time, and said; “You know, you should take some real medicine.”“This is real medicine,” I said. “By tomorrow, I’ll be back on my feet.”“You’ll stink like a trash can.”“Maybe, but I won’t be sick

Real Live Mom Next Door

then three fingers.After eight minutes she dropped down to her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth. I came quickly and she thanked me for babysitting. I watched her get dressed, kiss the girls, and practically run out the door.A couple of hours later she called to check on us. She told me to put the girls to bed at eight o’clock and then to

Lucky Josh part 10

releasing is cock for a moment.“Oh that is so hot, where?” Josh asked, sticking his head under the blanket.“Just above my sweet and wet love canal” she grinned, turning for a kiss.“Can they see us from the hot tub?” “They could if we were closer to the slide door and a bit more in the light, why?” Josh asked.“I’m feeling naughty, the thought of

The Professor Advises Ch. 01

wet, and thrust it in again. Then he put in a second finger. He felt her start to scream and captured that sound in his kiss. Emily fumbled with his belt buckle, desperate to free his cock. It took way too long. But she finally unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his khaki pants, unzipped his fly to see his bulging cock filling his funky boxer

Seduction Delayed

would taste herself as her hands guided my shoulders up on top of her face to face. I kissed her deeply without really thinking that she was eating herself through me. She must have liked it as much as I did because she was insatiable for more kisses. But other things were happening as Callie raised her hips to meet my hard, erect dick. A few

Solo HMT Adventures #04

see me, as they drew closer to the man, and prepared to fire again. I picked up one of the metal trash cans. With my battle cry of ‘Heavy Metal Thunder!’ I charged, and hurled it at them, causing the three to crumble in a heap on the ground. While they were recovering, I grabbed the guy, and pulled him into the elevator, and pressed the button

A Sunny Day

into my pussy and then into my mouth, letting me taste the strange scents of my own juices, which made it even more special. I know he wants me to put his penis in my mouth and suck it more, but that is not usually much enjoyment for me. It’s not a problem; I don’t dislike it or find it repulsive, I just don’t get a lot of pleasure out of it.

My Second Julie Experience

inside and begin to drive my fingers deep, and curled to the front, In no time, Julie started shaking again, and then her pussy clamped down on my fingers. When she released my fingers, she moved further down on my legs, and turned around and put her head on my shoulder with her leg laying over my leg. She looked up and me, gave me my favorite

My Sister’s Girlfriend – Part 1

and myself were raised mostly by our mother. We were both grown up now, my sister being 19 and myself being 16, but it was still a great surprise when one Friday night my mother announced that she and my father would be leaving the next morning for a long weekend away. To be honest, I didn’t really care much, but as I could have predicted, my mum

My New Fetish and Obsession

without cock or cum, I started craving it again, bad. So I posted on CL that I was looking for a dude to chill with, do normal guy stuff, then use me when we were alone. I found a guy, mostly straight, which I like. His gf lived in another state so he needed occasional release. I told him I could provide that. We chatted quite a bit, about nasty

Chinese Talismans

watch while I took off my clothes. Skirt, blouse and bra. When I was naked I laid across the desk then told him “Get your fucking clothes off then fuck me right.”He was naked and over me in an instant. He slammed deep again then Roger and I fucked, fondled and made out for another few minutes until I couldn’t take anymore. I started a chain

Shepard and Veetor

on Freedom’s Progress, but he wanted… He wanted? The door opened to his left, and Veetor moved to stand, his legs trembling under his weight for a fraction of a moment. He could tell that his doctor was still displeased that he insisted on tiring himself out in this manner, but to him any fatigue was worth seeing Shepard again. ‘Tali’Zorah Vas

Just a little fun

own here for a good while. But at the same time I don’t want to make her miserable, she is still my sister. “Here’s the deal. You’re caught dead and you know it. So 3, 3 things to be called on anytime I want within the next two weeks. If I ask you to lean down a lick my foot you will do so. Are we clear?”“No fucking way.”“Ok do you want to tell

Mrs. Taylor (THE MILF) PART 4

not to look down at her breasts. "Hey Linda.""So tell me Luke...I want to hear more about your trip."I tell her about Cancún and what me and Violet did while we were there. My story is quite short because I left out the major detail of our trip which just consisted of us fucking. "Sounds like you two had a blast then.""We did." Linda scoots

Our first threesome

in each other’s arms, I asked her if she wanted to have her first threesome. She replied without hesitation a resounding ‘yes!’ I told her I’m sure I could arrange one for that evening, as I wanted to strike while the iron was hot. I had a few numbers of guys that had seen her pictures, and were horny to fuck her. I had included some Indian guys

The Night That Changed My Life Forever

me to have anything like that in out living room.I began to wonder what else was in the room as my eyes scanned around the room. I quickly realized that the entire room was decorated with erotic art, very explicit erotic art. Then it hit me that I had made a huge mistake coming here.Suddenly I heard something behind me. “Make yourself at home,

Deidres mom

oldest of the group, but not by much, so I started to grow a mustache to try to look older. It was scraggly and itched but I was proud of its growth, I constantly checked the mirror to see how much more had filled in. Most of the days were spent at Deidre’s house, she had a pool and lived in a very exclusive neighborhood overlooking the city, her

An Evening Out

shower to wash off the construction site and meet me at Mario’s at seven. I will be the sexy brunette in the red low cut dress bought especially for tonight. I am wearing your favorite bra to hold the girls up and nothing else. See you at seven, lover.’ You walk in the door trying to calm the erection already rising in your pants. You shed your

A Winter Break (Part One)

strong alcohol as we lay on the sofa. My hands slipped under Anna's clothes and I gently tug at her tits. My mouth was gently at her neck, unhurriedly kissing, biting, whispering. "I want you. Want your wet pussy. You going to give me your tight little pussy?" She opened her legs and my hand slipped between, holding her pussy lips with two


twenty minutes without cumming, and they were drenched in sweat.“Don’t you ever cum?” she thought. “Maybe it’s that adrenaline thing again.” Her pussy was raw, but he showed no indication of slowing. She was determined to make this asshole cum, now that he’d worked her so long. She rolled him over and pinned his arms to the floor. She pushed her

Captain’s Choice Ch. 11

last year, but that is by design. I wanted us to have a chance to get to know and bond with our son and I’m sure it was the right decision. We finally settled with the insurance company over the loss of Captain’s Choice. They didn’t want to pay the full amount and their reasoning was that we didn’t take adequate precautions to prevent the theft.

Revenge At the Club

New York at night was a sight to see, lights everywhere, cars everywhere, and bars everywhere, too. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing. Should I be here? Isn’t it dangerous? But I had never drunk more than one glass of wine, and even then I would feel woozy yet comfortable. And I was getting a migraine. Maybe, just maybe, this was the

The Priest and !

to so I could show everyone what a bad girl I was. Father DamianWhilst she was getting ready I pulled my cock out and started jacking off again. When she came out I told her to get on her knees and start sucking. She began licking and sucking the head before trying to take the whole thing. It felt amazing and there was already precum dripping

Jess Ch. 02

my cunt (not a word I usually choose, but in the state of mind I was in, the more vulgar, the better it sounded to me, and vulva was just not going to get it right). As I pressed further in, making sure I avoided all contact with my fired up clit, I found it was like pushing my finger through warmed butter. There was no resistance to the

Wrestling With Life’s Cruel Irony Ch. 04

two conversations between Vince and Jill, the other woman he was seeing. Mike said that the conversation would prove to be very revealing once they read the transcript. He also had on tape the sound of Doris being hit several times. The news was not great. The full report, including transcripts and tapes, arrived just before noon in three large

Making the First Move

and underwear bundled round his ankles, Emily pushed him with a giggle towards the bed. He half fell onto it, as she pulled at his trainers and socks.“Let’s get you naked too,” she smiled, kneeling on the floor as she dragging his jeans and boxers down his legs and chucking them into the corner. For a moment she looked at his dick as it reared up

Allie – My Lush Fuck Buddy

more sexy and beautiful than the pictures she had texted me. A moment of doubt swept through my mind. Would I be able to please her in the ways we had talked about? Would my 50 year old body be able to keep up with a 27 year old woman? The thought of bailing out before she could get to the room crossed my mind briefly. ‘No,’ I said to myself.

John’s Break-up

turn!’ with a wink, and a lick of his lips. I can’t stand it. ‘No, john, I need you to fuck me now’. Our lips and tongues meet again, as I slide off my shorts. John sits up straight as I position myself straddling his legs. I edge towards him still kissing, my juices running down my leg. He holds his dick, and I grind my pussy against it,

Somewhere Between Bliss and Ecstacy

up in thoughts to hear the door softly close. Furthermore, it wasn’t until he opened his eyes that he saw something amazing, or equally horrible. Bridget stood before him, a mixture of fear and uncertainty tainting her flawless face. He blinked, blinked again, but still the image did not dissipate. Reaching slowly behind her back, almost as if

The Traps of Desire

his cock into my pussy. He was gentle, but powerful. He wrapped his arms around me and had handfuls of my boobs as he fucked me steadily and slowly, but hard. Twice I came like this, and I was about to cum a third time, when I heard the door open again. We both froze. I heard someones footsteps walk in and get into one of the cubicles a few down

Danni Archer and Theodore

much more experience than I have; what is your suggestion?"He looked at her intently and said "Right now I do not know how well you perform in bed. You have a good taste and are easily excited. You appear to enjoy your body's reactions to sexual touches. You have a pleasing but spare figure due I suspect to your youth. You have a pleasant

A Genius in King Arthur's Court Ch. 11

I do not wish to give Mordred even a moment of reprieve.”“Understood.”As Arthur gathered his infantry and cavalry, the archers stepped through the trees. Looking at Mordred’s army, Bedivere could tell that their numbers were roughly even. Any small advantage one could gain over the other would likely decide the outcome. A moment later, the

Escape from Buggery Ch. 17

from working in a factory. The girls eventually walked away with a can-opener, a large box of kitchen matches, a selection of not especially exciting canned food, a meat loaf and some fresh greens. Tracey treated herself to a cigarette which she greedily smoked as they sat down in their small hovel, examining their purchases. She didn’t really

Sue’s Will Ch. 04

before her. Sue was so immersed in her surroundings, she did not notice that Will, instead of taking pictures of the wonderful scenery, was savouring her every move with his camera. The red hair made her look like her head was on fire under the sunlight. It was a fiery, feisty halo. Her skirt, playfully dancing with the wind, occasionally

Lunch Time at Furinkan High

five unlucky girls Stamped As Meat. Lunch Time at Furinkan High Story: Ani-Can 3 Copyright 2006 Written: September 21 2006 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: KaosAngel Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ************************************ Once Ranma and Akane were close to the school they heard the bells begin

Starting Work At A New Company With Kelly, Part 7

word that a customer would be in the office on Thursday. A customer coming to their office was not a common occurrence and only happened perhaps a couple of times each year. They always made everyone aware of it because there was a different dress code for those days. The most important part was that the ladies were expected to wear undergarments

Louisiana Lessons Part Two

warm water cascade over my naked body, thinking of all the things that I had heard and seen since I had arrived at Plantation House. Taking more shower gel I started to play with my waking cock. With my thoughts, the shower gel and giving my penis a hand, I was soon at full erection, all four inches of manhood. I had to relieve the pent up sexual


young. She would stop and look down to watch my finger go in and out of her pussy. She loved to watch. She quickly spotted the big bulge in my pants. “Can I feel you too?…can I put my hand in your pants?” she asked. I told her she could feel anything she wanted to. She unzipped my fly and watch as I helped her get out my cock. She slowly began

The threesome, Part 1

swiveled, turning to face Celine, as she slid a hand down Celine's dress, softly tracing lines around her nipple. Celine closed her eyes. "Mmm, that feels really nice, Stacey…" she mumbled dreamily.Stacey felt firm hands around her shoulders, and her jacket slipped off her shoulders. She felt a warm breath on her neck as Matt planted several soft

The Curator Ch. 16

She didn’t get much of a drink either. ‘Must keep your hydration up there little sexlete. No cramping.’ Maya returned the bottle then pulled out another bottle with a pump dispenser. Sue recognized it as well. Her bottle of sex lube, not much left of it. It was almost full before. Maya pumped some of the lube onto her fingers and smeared it on

Mike the bipolar mancunt/cumdump escapades - Running into some homeless guys

closer and they were all laughing and drinking. I stood there not knowing what to do for several minutes. Then I took a deep breath and walked up to them and made some lame excuse of being lost. A guy offered me a sip of his beer and I took it...then I heard some guys in the back saying "hey that's the homo runner guy". The other guy next to

An Angel’s Wish

you have in mind?’ It was the little girl though that answered, ‘We want to take him home with us. He can take a shower and we will wash his clothes. We thought we could even stop and get him some others at the second hand store. Then we will eat Christmas dinner together. Maybe he can even come and listen to me sing my solo at church tonight.’

The dare back fires

the mall I spotted this young dorky kid in his early 20's working as a security guard. He was smiling at me, so I decided to go over and ask what time the mall closed. He answered that it was about to close any minute now, then I dropped my keys. We both reached for the keys at the same time. This basically had him looking straight at my breasts

Boyfriend Girlfriend 3

my truck, I couldn't help but just check her sexy ass out! She looked just as good as some of the porn stars I have seen in my collection, only with a nice dose of innocents. She was that fucking hot! Only with very sexy, and tasty looking little bitty tits! My cock was semi hard the whole time. It didn't help that Malia had put her short shorts

Naruto: Lost in the Forest of Lust chapter 4

helped me out and so I decided to help him as a way of saying thank you. So, I’m going to help him by teaching you to become a better sex partner!” “N-Nani?” cried Hinata. Anko quickly moved behind her and grabbed one of her breasts. Slowly she began to knead the younger girl’s breast, causing her to moan.“Don’t worry,” whispered Anko into

A Full House

the totally weird sensation of my asshole filling with liquid, the second cock had come and was riding my gaping hole with ever more slippery ease. I sucked hard on the cock in my mouth, I wanted to taste cum. I wasn’t disappointed, it shot into my mouth and ran down the sides of the rock hard cock. I moved my lips right down to the bottom of the

Deconstructing the Nerd Ch. 03

vain enough to consider the mirror her best friend outside of the gym, too. Cassie briefly introduced a few stationary machines, which Reema seemed befuddled by. Shaking her head and smiling, Cassie told her a little more about workout theory and gym etiquette. ‘Generally, if you complete a set and it’s too easy, you increase the weight. If you

The Night Shift – Broken Heater

out my own cock with my free hand and began jacking off. As I started squeezing and rubbing my dick quickly and furiously I came all over his feet and at the height of my orgasm having convulsed so much forcing my mouth to suck deeper and harder thrusting my head down on his cock he quickly exploded as well. Holding my head tightly against his

Fucking My Mind Pt. 02

eyes, he was fully erect. When we’d had sex, he’d made me cum several times and he’d withdrawn just after I’d climaxed. I was so worked up and sexually sated that I hadn’t noticed if he’d ejaculated or not, but then I recalled as I washed there were no dribbles. ‘Yes, fine,’ I mumbled ‘I’d better be going.’ ‘Yes I guess so, but where is it?’

High School Bully

this? What was he going to do? Did this mean I’d get fired? My spine turned to ice. He read the deluge of emotions that washed my face and smiled a Cheshire grin. ‘I’ll keep my mouth shut, if you do some things for me.’ Homework? Wash his car? Pick out his clothes? Whatever it was, the humiliation of being fired or even simply accused at work and

My Naughty Wife

do it. People would stare because Megan was smoking hot. She was on the track team and had beautifully developed long legs with a gorgeous, round, little butt. She had beautiful C cup tits, which weren’t huge, but they gave her a little trouble while running in certain track events.We would go out to the local park to sunbathe. Megan would wear a

Teen in the Castle -1- Welcome to the Castle

to let someone besides her dad see her naked. But since Elory had seen her too, she figured it was ok. It’s not like she had to be shy of her body. She might not be perfectly built for giving birth. The few men that she had talked to, had always been full of compliments about how she looked. There were two boys in the kitchen, both working at

Married Life -01

relax in front of the television for the rest of the afternoon. Jan looked across at me and said “Jim you look really red in the face, is that sunburn or what!” “Oh Peter, Sally and I were exercising in the gym earlier”, I replied. Since Jan recovered, we never did manage to play again but Peter and Sally have invited us to their home during the

Speeding Ch. 09

it.’ She laid a hand on Taylor’s shoulder. ‘Look, I know you feel guilty about marrying him, but you haven’t done anything to hurt him. You’re taking care of him, you’re seeing him through this illness and you will potentially have to bury him. You have to get out of this funk. Feeling guilty and acting like a recluse isn’t going to help anyone.’

Softly, Softly: The Piano Man

them in his hair, and moved her head slightly to one side so she could kiss his shoulder. She began to nibble and bite, harder and harder, stirring up their passion yet more, and he took hold of both her legs and pushed them behind her head, pinning them there with his shoulders and thrusting hard. She grabbed his butt cheeks and heaved him into

Shes The Master – Part 2 of 4

now, and Stacey warring on her cunt tag, collar and chain with the end of it in Jessicas hand, Now remember if anyone asks, your Jessica and im Jason Jessica whispered to Stacey on there way to the main hall for breakfast, upon entering the main hall they could see about 20 young girls in various stages of cooking and about 100 very hungry men

Office Shenanigans Continue

John was also in the office and he was seated next to Mark's desk. He sat me down next to John and went around to his desk. With a sly smile, he said he had heard from John about his meeting with me and asked if what he said was true. I began to blush but agreed that yes, it was probably true but not exactly sure what all he had said. He then

Whipped Cream at the Store

boxers I sat down to take care of business.As I was setting there, I noticed someone standing on the other side of the door. Are they was peeking in the stall, I thought to myself? No, they are probably just checking to see if it’s empty. However, the feet under the door are not moving. They are peeking in the stall. This is when my voyeurism

Space Station Solveychegodsk

no end to it. All you have to do is wait and watch and scribble out the occasional manifesto to your allies on the ground. It’s important to stay in touch, or they just forget about you up here.’ ‘Do you ever think about going back home?’ ‘To Ganymede..? No, no… Too crowded. Too much competition and selfishness and noise: everything I hate about

Seduction of a Friend...2

he grabbed the sides of her skimpy thong and tore it from her body. His roughness was unexpected and the sudden rush of air against her naked pelvis causing her to shriek. He gazed up to her, their wanton eyes meeting. His tongue slid over her smooth mound, her scent was so much stronger. He could feel her heat on his chin. His mouth was watering

Erection Perfection

wonderful gas. Also some effect the nerves in good ways. So Lady's when you shop you can pick up these products in secret.Then you'll see a change in his health and energy.Also try Royal jelly and omega fats good ones,help promote nitric oxide.Amounts to take: You can take them all together, also early in morning before breakfast and through the

The Second Black Friday Sale

lie in bed, his arm was around her as they snuggled closely. She told herself God, he’s good. I could do this all night with him. Then she smiled. Once that idea came to her she felt the sensations in her body. Her heart warmed and her loins did too. Something from somewhere told her she was ready to do it all over again with him. She could

Alexis The Dark Fairy Chapter 3

your companion," Alexis said."But how will I explain you to my family and classmates? Is it a good idea for others to see you?""Of course not, silly, but don't worry I'm a master of disguise." Alexis glowed for a moment as she morphed her body into a necklace with a heart-shaped red gem in the center. She then snapped herself around Vanessa's

Jakes Night

“Does that feel good hunny?” “Yes.” He managed let out. At 9 inches, there was a lot there to handle but his mother needed it bad and it was enough to satisfy her. She pushed her body against his, pressing his now rigid penis against the opening of her cunt. She wrapped her hands around his small bare butt and pulled him into her burying his

Miss Tiffany Fulfilling Her Dream

they would not accidently recognizing me by chance on my little sexy seduction.  Knowingly, it was late in the afternoon and Steven would be home shortly, I drove up the street parking in front of my home.  I decided to wait at home for hunky Steven, to come home.  I wanted to think of the perfect proper excuse to come over.  There came Steven

The Androids

alive.Microchips in the head had already programmed the brain with the knowledge of a high school senior. When they were removed from the broth and put on towels on the table, they were to all intents and purposes deeply asleep. Rubbing specific areas of the thighs in a specific sequence woke them up.The first pair was assigned to me. Each of the

me & rachael

down for her foot,lifted it up and started kissing it while moving upwards towards her love hole. I kissed her calves,thighs,then inner thigh and gave a small

The Devil's Pact Servants' Chronicles Chapter 1: Cindy's Interview

23 answered. Bound? Where they going to tie me up? “Okay.” I was wearing a new dress, cute and sexy, that laced up in the back, and cupped what little breasts I had, pushing them up to suggest I had some cleavage. It made me seem older. I reached behind me, starting to fumble for the lace, when 23 slapped my hands away and started unlacing me

Mammary Mansion Ch. 09

I’d like to give you $10 million dollars for your work.” She looked at me earnestly. “Monica, I’m affronted!” I glared at her. “I don’t want the money. It has no real importance in my life. I actually did it for you. And your family. They have been fantastic. I’ve had the most enjoyable week of my life.” I contemplated her and met her serious and

Pool Party

had recovered enough to continue, Kate looked up at him. “Let me on top,” she said simply.Only too eager to please her, Andrew withdrew and lay down on the bed, waiting to see what she had in mind. Kate enthusiastically got up and without any further explanation straddled him and planted herself astride his lap, pausing only long enough to guide

My Wife on the Porch - Part Seven

don’t you?” she finished with. Sure enough when we arrived home, she kissed me and sent me to bed; I needed to cum so badly that I jerked myself off before getting into bed. I heard the front door close as I imagined her stripping naked outside, I timed it and after just fifty six seconds I heard the familiar beep of our car alarm as she was

Visitings the Dun Bare Bar

roughly he whispered in her ear."All these men want to fuck you, and some of the woman too. They all want to be me, so the least I can do is give you a good session for them." With his words her heart beat faster and harder, but her pussy got even wetter, and he knew it. His small laugh invaded her ears when her pussy dripped even more onto his

The Evacuee Chapter 7

young child up from the bed and clutched her to her. Quickly, downstairs. she ordered, as David and Kate leapt from the bed, scattering broken glass as they did so and self consciously grabbing their night clothes, putting them on as they made their way across to the open door. The four of them went downstairs to the kitchen and with strict

A day on the ranch

felt her body erupting again and again in a great orgasm as her fingers griped into his skin. With a mighty lunge he felt as if lightening had struck his body as his cock jumped and throbbed inside of her , filling her with all he had to give. His body trembled as her legs slid down and wrapped around his waist , holding him in her as their eyes

More Than What Melissa Wanted.

my defence. I had to be, in order to take him down my throat. I played with his cock for a while, taking it deep and then teasing the head with my lips and tongue.The two guys in my hands were amazingly big. While I sucked on Mr. Average in front of me my mind was working overtime on the combinations. I knew how I wanted to be taken by these two

Older man samples Lynn Ch. 1

I cannot believe you really set me up. How did you know I was attracted to Charles? Tell me what you said.” I describe part of the conversation I had with Charles. I don't tell her suspicions I shared with Charles or yesterday's conversation. She rises on her feet and kisses my ear. He voice lowers into the slutty tone she uses, “So you want me

Charles Helps His Mother Feel Pleasure Again Chapter 2

herself, that was when she felt it, it was like her belly was dipped in acid as she screamed out in agony, she fell to the floor still grasping herself, not being able to let herself go.Charles rushed into the room barging through the door finding her on the floor, he reached down and pulled her hand away from her crutch, she shook there


in the cut and thrust of markettingIt was Friday night, and as usual, Jake stopped by Chrissie's house to see her once he had finished for the evening; usually about 6. He was on time tonight, and Chrissie smiled to herself as she heard her boyfriend's car pull up outside; the car door close behind him and the doorbell ring - typical, she

Eviction: Week 02

Unlike Tyler and Jeremy, Drew was not ripped. He was in good physical condition, but he did not have washboard abs or bulging biceps. Right now, Samantha really did not care, she just needed one thing from him. ‘Aww, Drew, you’re so cute,’ she said, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling herself into him. ‘A little birdie told me you were

Adventures as a BBS sysop Ch. 01

true story but it is from memories almost twenty years old. I will not give names as they are not needed. In my life I have been sexually involved with 39 women at different times I never cheated on any of them,never saw two at the same time, and that’s not a great number to some people but I never tried to rack up a score card, I was just


hand showing the rings, saying “I like being married………we are now ‘married lovers’ rather than cousins”. Having got my head around my earlier perceived problem, I had to agree.Next, she said it was time for our celebration. We always seemed to have something to celebrate. “What are we celebrating this time?” I asked. “We have been married over 24

Walking Home.

eyes grew wide, suddenly realizing what I had gotten into. I squirmed and to kick but he pressed his Cock against my slit, stopping where my hymen began. He pushed hard, and I yelped, breaking though into me. I tried to scream but his hand pressed against my face. He thrust into my bleeding cunt, sending shocks of pain towards my head. The pain

A Satin Dream Comes True

you? Why act it out?”“Being moderately feminized and humiliated is a turn on because it confronts my fantasies and past behaviour. It forces me to confront my deepest fantasies and besides I get really turned on by the satin and silk, they are just so sensual against my skin,” I answer. “Lately too, I’ve found myself coming back to she male

Wanna Play?

gradually using your tongue, licking my now dripping wet pussy. Licking up and down. Side to side. It feels so good my breathing rate increases. I let out a soft, under my breath, moan. You insert your fingers to accelerate the pleasure. I start moaning a little louder. I run my fingers through your dark brown shaggy hair as you eat me out. You

The Wanderings of Amy Ch. 10

mercy, which of course, was what Suzanne wanted. Wendy had become as enthralled with the session as had Suzanne. Wendy was not spanking Amy full force, but instead with calculated precision to maximize the effectiveness of the swats. Wendy’s eyes met Suzanne’s camera. Suzanne had found her moment with her model. She took several close-up shots of

California Dreaming

limp noodles as we lay entwined and breathing hard. Both of us momentarily spent. I gently kissed her and picked her up and carried her to the large couch in her living room. I found a large throw and covered us both up and as we lay spooning, we both dozed into bliss.I awoke to the feeling of soft hands slowly traveling over my chest entwined in

Up Against the Wall

it when you're this bad. Sliding past six inches, then seven and eight, you finally reach the tip of me, and with one more motion, you tilt your head 90 degrees, vertically, and slide over the top of me, your lips tight, your way of reminding me of how your pussy would feel to me, if I were so lucky to be plunging this hard hot shaft into that

First time with my favorite cousin

family were sent to all boy and all girl catholic schools. That meant that the only contact with the opposite sex all the kids in my family had been primarily with cousins. Vicky was one of these cousins. From an awkward nerdy girl she had grown up into an attractive young woman. I did not consider her a great beauty. Her face was attractive

Paying for College With her Ass—Part 3 Julia’s First Party

I will do it,” Julia decided “What time do I need to be there?”“By six o’clock and you know his favorite color.”“Yes sir,” she said making a mental note to pick up another plum colored thong since he kept the other pair for himself. “I will be there at six o’clock and thank you.”When they hung up Joe called Tony and let him know that she had

Taking Advantage of Each Other.

to face him, he was right up next to the mirror looking at his chin. "What did you do?" I asked. "I cut my fricken chin." He replied. I was standing by a kleenex box, so I grabbed one and walked over to my uncle. He turned to me and looked down so I could have an easier reach. I wiped the blood from the side of his chin. "You cut yourself pretty

Solo HMT Adventures #01

been happening quite frequently in the neighborhood here, and growing worse recently. After gathering the facts, I came to some conclusions. I figured it had to be someone nearby or even in the neighborhood itself, and that the only way to catch them was to set a trap. Using my own ten-speed bike as bait, I laid low in the cab of my ’72 pickp and

Watching Her

with his hard cock while she was helpless and bound. He wanted to taste her and fuck her pussy. Yes, John wanted to take this lovely vision and dominate her and make her his own. But John was a gentleman. He wouldn’t do any of those things to a woman unless she gave him a sign indicating she wanted it too. He thought about the other approachable

My First Experience - Cottaging (M/b, first time, concensual, young)

stood there.I went to the second one and unzipped my fly, pulliing out my half hard cock. I pointed it at the urinal but didn't need to pee. I glanced across at the bloke at the far end and he looked round at me, this time keeping his eyes on me like he was waiting to see what I would do. I didn't really know what to do.After a minute or so he

A good start

wrapping her slender body in a warm towel. A glance in the mirror makes her smile again, she looks indeed sated. Her green eyes turning to amber and her cheeks flushed. Giggling suddenly, she wonders if Timothy’s ears are burning. She was after all fantasising about him. Excitement courses through her body, she will see him today. Maybe today was

A families Pain

he began grunting and saying Yh thats its you fucking dog, so nice and firm! he then let out a yell and exploded his cum all over my face, he laughed and said This is far from over! I shivered in fear at his words and lay helplessly as he removed the bounds. I watched as he walked to his camcorder and pressed the stop button. I gasped in terror

boarding school detention

they are told again. miss woode twists hollies nipples and pulls them out, she begins to bite her nipples.‘Crystal, insert this dildo into her pussy and dont be gentle,’ she says. Crystal complies with what she has been told. miss woode goes back to kissing hollies breasts.‘Morgan wet your fingers with your own juices and insert them into my

Special Delivery: Raveged Raw

she sees the note saying the delivery guy missed her and if she wants her package, she would have to pick it up at the warehouse.  It’s kinda late and she’s not even sure if they are still open but Amber rushed over anyway because she’s been dieing to get her new vibrator.  Her friends at the gym told she had to try this brand and since she

Shayna’s World Ch. 06

up against Lonny and I could feel our bodies grinding together while Barry was screwing me. Then he started to fuck Lonny, right there in front of me and she had me ride her face. Her tongue got in there deep and every time Barry pounded her, she went deeper. The three of us really mixed it up, it was amazing and I came twelve times that night!’

Cheyenne 2

that was used for landscaping. She was eye to eye with me then."Thank you for decorating my house for me." I said as she wrapped her arms around my neck."You're welcome. Your aunt and uncle said that they built a house for you and asked if I wanted to help decorate it." She said."I absolutely love what you did with it." I said."Good." She said."I

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 01

and she quieted down sinking to the floor. He said to her ‘I am going to do you an offer and that is only valid until I come back from talking to the head of security who your behind already met yesterday. Either you go to the gallows for plotting to murder a lot of people from this country or you agree to become my slave of the bedchamber. That

The Vagina

I want to take this moment to shower gratitude over whatever benevolent f***e created us with the art and love that it did. Nothing remains so delightfully mysterious to me. It requires great care and tenderness and is so beautiful and elegant that words sometimes escape me. Yep, I get it, some of you may think I’m just being the typical pervin’

Editing Reailty Book 1, Chapter 5: Virgin Delights

dress like boys if they wanted. She was such a prude.Dad was cool. He didn't care if I wore skirts. He let me be around him. I could just float away right now as I imagined he was talking to me right now. He wanted to do things to me and—“Hey, Sam, want a ride?”I jumped, letting out a squeak. Dad's car was creeping down the street, his window

A Bi-American in Paris Ch. 13

the house at 6:00 PM only to learn that Andre had gone to Paris at the last minute. Danielle insisted that I join her for dinner and I accepted. It was a delicious meal and the wine was exquisite. Marie moved around the table serving both of us and smiled at me every so often. I recalled the last time that I was there and Danielle said that she

Solace & Rosanna Ch. 14

she wouldn’t mind taking a tumble with her as well. At the moment, neither prospect seemed promising, but she would wait until a suitable opening. She licked her lips in anticipation. It did not hit her until she got home why the name Solace had sounded so familiar to her. Where had she heard that name before? She would call Leander, maybe he

Colors Ch. 07

there looking. But, two minutes with Body is least I could do. Two minutes to collect self. Apologize. Two minutes to spend on weakness not too much to ask at times like this. Pull out Body’s wallet. Body needs name. Culprits, crooks, criminals, crankheads, call girls… all get pet names. Each gets nickname. Seperates me from them. Takes

Masturbation in Japan

was set up in an nicely furnished apartment overlooking the university and surrounded by friendly people. In my second week there, I met a young Japanese woman who would later become my girlfriend for the duration of my stay.My apartment block was brand new when I moved in and while the government provided quite a lot in the way of furnishing, it

My 30th Birthday..I was hot 2 play pt1

drinks and checking out a hot nasty porno flick. The movie started out with a small petite blonde, sucking on a monsterous black cock which seemed to stretch her mouth from cornor to cornor. I was getting pretty fucking horney, watching the action on the screen as I never thought about having interracial sex before. My husband was busy sucking my

Hitching a lift

on her long slight legs and she was aware of the male glances at her hardening nipples (Jennie had nice c cup breasts but never felt the need to wear a bra). She and Matt had argued again, and this time, was the last time he would ever raise a hand to her. Her cheek was still stinging from his slap and mascara was running down her face from her


sighed sadly. "I’m saying that after having Miss Patil, Mr. Mason and Mr. Macnair go missing, after the destruction Cho Chang caused last year, and after all the cumulative trouble that has been caused… I have no choice but to expel you all from Hogwarts for your unfavorable actions, effective immediately.""You can’t!" Harry protested."You all

Magical Hearts chapter 7

of the night of trial reached me. When I found you Julius, you are already preparing to see to the needs of the citizens of Camarillo. I was proud that you were a good leader, and the more I learned of you that I found myself even wishing that you were my son. Pulling me into a hug he continues, The people of the city wanted you to govern them,

Eves Awakening

or the nub of a blissful bud…   Gazing in wonder at these images in my husband’s Ralph magazine had never before inspired such titillation in my soul. I had enjoyed many happy married years, a wonderful intimate friendship and increasingly satisfying sex life. Why then, all of a sudden, were my thoughts constantly being invaded by these prolific

Dragon Slave Chronicles: The Discovery - Part 6

“I love you, my slave. And you know well that that makes me your slave, too.” He wrapped me in his arms and took me to bed. I told Allen the next morning that that was the most intense sexual experience of my life and he agreed that it had been for him too. As a culmination of the night’s festivities, it was unsurpassed.For the rest of our week,

Maria: A Beautiful Whore

eyes. Matt was new in this city. A couple of weeks ago, he was caught stealing a woman’s purse. Cops arrested him and threw him in the prison, there he met Robert. Robert offered for this young guy to join his small gang, he also offered for him to live in his own house. Matt instantly accepted the offers and since then he’d worked with Robert.

Ruth – continued

pose for me. She was a little shy, but took a big slug of Scotch and another hit of pot and asked what I wanted to see. I was stroking my still-hard cock and asked her to step beside my full-length mirror to get 2 views of this great body. Her full, thick pubic hair was light blond and grey, and made a perfect V down to her big thighs. Her

The Weekend - Part Six

her to keep her natural look as it was very seductive. I grabbed the digital camera. “Start anyway you want,” I said, “I’ll just start taking pictures.” Gail sat on the sofa chair, spread her legs, and using two fingers she spread her pussy lips. “Like this?” she asked. I took pictures of her pussy, then a few of her clit, as she retracted its

In Plain Sight: An Escort's Story - Part 4

and rubbed his head, “Well, that was a first for me. Are you always like that.”Ignoring the question I asked, “Are you okay.”“You pulled my hair a little too hard.”“Oh my God. I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I . . .” started to say as Mr. Keller interrupted.“It’s okay, I’m alright. That was pretty incredible,” Mr. Keller said with a wet smile

My Life Stories: Gym Nite

realized we were standing really close together. He ignored our proximity and rushed past me and peeked in the room, and looked around. ‘It’s nice, they didn’t show me this on the tour, want to go in with me?’ I just showered. ‘Oh come on, just for a few minutes.’ I looked up at the clock…sure why not. The steam room is on the small side, I think


waited quietly. The blank screen gave away nothing. For the first time in ages Nelson clicked up the mag on his eyes and brought the tiny printout at the bottom of the screen into hard focus. 23453 code. India? Still no sound. After a few more seconds of silence Nelson said, ‘Image on.’ A ghost from his past stared out at him. Eyes hidden by

Cumming Home Late

shot up, her hands on her hot perfumed skin touching herself, I was so close to the edge as I watched her other hand slide three fingers deep into her wet center, in one thrust. She screamed as she came, and suddenly her fingers vanished from her clit. Samantha’s hand now cupped her apple-sized breast, she took her hard nipple between her

Broken Hearts and Last Goodbyes Part 2

to close up now," she finally said when he still didn't move. "That's it?" he asked. "What else is there?"Nick stood up and walked over to her, about to leave through the glass door, but then something stopped him. He abruptly turned around and opened his mouth, then seemed to make a decision. "When I think about that night, I don't just feel

Coming Home – Extended Version

afford that luxury anymore. ‘Why don’t I get the fire started, and you can sit there and thaw out while I run you a bath? Sound good?’ She managed a shaky nod. He got the flames going and she sat down on the floor in front of it, the thought of a cushion to sit on didn’t even occur to her. To James she looked far too used to sitting on hard

Creating the Pack ch 1

to do something big but who knows, guess i’ll have to wait and see.Todays the big day and the guys have asked me to swing by Fred’s house after school. So after hours of painful trigonometry and algebra 2 along with AP classes I finally drive down to Fred’s place. It was five in the afternoon and as soon as I arrived the guys come running out of

Titcage (Chapter 42)

gloves had a little lock at the wrists preventing them from removing them. The cat mittens had no differentiated fingers so the girls couldn't hold things or really do anything useful with their hands while wearing them.The bride had more traditional gloves, with fingers (good for handjobs, she knew), and a long white lace bridal headdress that


arose up and went back to the kitchen having set her own drink on the coffeetable and brought back the bottle of whiskey and jug of cola and a container of ice to give hertimid little sister in law all the drinks needed to get her mind into getting fucked by her dog. After several fast mixed drinks and now the liqour taking it's toll on her as

Ainsely 9

day weekend?”Listen, relax. You're not the first guy this has happened to, or by any means the only. Not even in this company! He said you probably don't know about all this yet but you'll figure it out in time. I'm here tonight because my wife is doing the same thing yours is. The only difference is she's with three of them."I was speechless,


and entice Nick to give her more. Deep into her he pushed as he gyrates. She cried out. The still gyrating he slowly pulls out until the head was at the mouth of her cunt. Then it rammed up into her as hard, as fast and as deep he could. As fast as he could with short quick stabs, he fucks her. She lost control, she couldn’t hold back anymore,

The beginning of my addiction to sex

We would look at the girls in our stash of Playboys and imagine Celeste. Each of us had jacked off to these pictures while thinking of her. Most afternoons there were usually 3 or 4 of us heading home from whatever the day had offered and we had conspired about how we should take turns talking to Ray in order to distract him and offer the rest of

Equal Shares Ch. 49

been fairly simple test-and-record sessions that she’d managed. Now, maybe, they would be able to able to relax… some. Oh, there’d be more work, she knew. That wouldn’t stop. Soon, she’d have to think about a successor product. But for now she could go back to working sensible hours. ‘How about you, Denise?’ she asked. Denise looked at her,

Oh, For The Love Of English!

some of his and lubricated his ass with it. I took my time, slowly entering the head into his ass hole. He yelled out in pain for a second when I first entered, but he was okay. He reached out and took hold of the arm rest of the couch. He squeezed the couch feeling pain until the tips of his fingers turned white. Fuck, youre so tight, I

A night with my teacher before the exam

out of his underwear. I grabbed his underwear, and pulled it down too. I smiled secretly looking down at his big hard cock. Mr. Denning took off his clothes totally. “You are a very beautiful girl,” Mr. Denning said. I looked at him, and tried to grab his cock, but he pushed me on my back and came over me. I felt so good as my boobs pressed on

The Cheerleader Harem: Part 13

words, but none of the girls were around to hear them.“Emma?”I spent a long time sitting in that concrete hallway, before the cleaning crew finally kicked me out. After that, I sat outside, and when they kicked me out of there I sat in a diner across the street until I fell asleep in a booth and the waitress told me I had to go. That process just

Flow of Passion

sure was as wet as her mouth.Flora became wild and just crushed me in her arms and said, "Sav, sav. I was waiting. Waiting for long for this to happen. Please, please love me. Love me gently. Love me crudely. Love whichever way you want, but love me. I cannot wait any longer!"FloraI stood before this wonderful man trembling, wanting him as I had


69 with each other.Nicole looked up and saw Marci at the door and motioned for her to come in. Marci reacted as if she was a puppet and came into the room mesmerized by the scene in front of her. They acknowledged her, but kept up the sexy play with even more earnestness. Marci was just cemented to floor watching these two women repeat things

“G.T.” the “P.T.” get’s Gang-Banged – Day Two

hard again, opening her already abused pussy lips even wider. This was far worse than being fisted.One great thrust and he was fully inside her, pushing against her cervix. He humped and humped unmercifully, as only a stallion can, pushing the table back with each thrust.Her cunt was stretched like when a baby’s head was delivered, except it

The Friends of Paul and Sally – part one

her hands in her lap.Dr Gordon: Thank you, Linda. I think we all found that very – stimulating. Mr Thomas?Gary (after a pause): I’m not sure I should admit it …Dr Gordon: Naturally. But there is no need. Anything said or done here remains between these four walls. So if you wish, we can tell you more about Linda’s progress.Gary: Perhaps you



Bar Fight & Revelation

But then you killed ’em trying to impress Renee. And I want you to get this straight, Wheeler, I want you to understand, Ike was black, but he wasn’t a nigger. Is that clear?’ Wheeler nodded, then flinched as Clay reached towards him, only to flick a brown oak leaf off his shoulder. With the leaf disposed of, Clay continued. ‘Now, listen close.

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 07

‘Tell me now.’ ‘She’s dead. The doctors at the hospital said it was a stroke.’ I gasped, as if trying to bring air to my lungs, but none came. Tears burned my eyes and my heart was pounding so loud that I couldn’t hear anything but the hammering. ‘Where is she?’ I demanded. ‘Tennessee,’ he replied. ‘I have to get a few things and then I’ve got

Reflections on Love

way. Likewise, your peachy butt as it rose and fell. I watched her legs wrapped tightly around you. Saw your breasts disappear in the crush of her chest. Your rippling back muscles screwed tighter with each strap-on thrust.And I felt as she did. Her panting was mine, likewise her desire to please. I recognised you were both climbing that peak.

My Crazy Naked Twister Weekend (C

was given the twenty questions treatment from the girls. Anyone would think I had a secret camera installed in his bedroom! I had been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Hayley, who travelled up with Ashlie. She was quite the hot bombshell. More mousy than blonde, but long and luxuriant hair that fell half way down her back. She was fairly tall,

Sex and Violet

right...here. All...along...here, in fact. Oh my, yes, all along here. Why, you naughty slut--I’ll bet I can put three fingers inside you without even trying...there, I knew it. And just feel how easily they slide in and out--shhh, my dear, you don’t want the other guests to hear you whimpering like that, do you? Really, Violet, you must learn

Vacation Time Ch. 05

my ass forced into my mouth as he uses me. Each thrust of his hips setting the chain to swinging, tugging my nipples as I gurgle around his thickness. A slap rings against my cheek and I swallow hard in reflex as his cock stretches my throat. Then I feel the pulse just before his cum erupts in my throat. I swallow rapidly, trying to keep it from

Dirty Girl

condom. I hate it when he does this. I said “No” and he slid back inside of me. It always feels so much better when he does this but I was upset. I just moaned “Stop” over and over as he went harder inside me. Part of me wanted him to stop and the other part didn’t want this erotic event to end. I was so turned on and knew this was exciting to

My Sister Meg

you in me now.” Then I started to go down her to eat her pussy again but she stopped me. “No, just stick it in there. I want it slow and good,” she said. I did what she wanted. I guided my dick into her slit and played a little more. I rubbed the head of my cock against her slit and clit. Meg said, “Stop it and just put it in me. Remember, Joe.

The Invasion of Nicondria Part 3

out?"Olay slammed hard into a wall and grunted, "Good hit master." Cornai, now in the nude, basking his magnificently shaped body, reassumed a fighters stance and began to spar with Olay again. Cornai leaped forward and began beating on his mate, Olay blocked what he could and finally got away a good punch to the face that brought Cornai to the

The Princess Chronicles – Guest House Consequences

the house yet, I know better than to run around the pool. The last thing I want to happen is for my swimming privileges to be taken away. We have a gorgeous pool, slate beach entrance with a grotto area, a great place for parties or to just relax in the hidden hot tub area. I want to see if he is coming yet, I don’t turn around though. I just

Hypnotized for Her Boss

thinks Mr. Johnson is the best boss ever. Well, you can imagine my thoughts when she told me he had invited us to dinner and a show downtown. In the interest of keeping peace in the family, I held my tongue and we showed up with smiles on both of our faces. Through dinner, my presence was barely noticed as Grace and he talked shop most of the

Hurry, Late For Work

and the elevator began to rise with a jerk. He jumped up and hit the stop button. Laughing, they quickly dressed. He grabbed her and kissed her mouth as he reached behind him to release the stop. They rose to the 38th floor, and Jessalyn stepped out of the elevator. She turned around as the doors shut. He blew her a kiss and vanished. Fighting a


to the mountain stream, and we made our way over to it. Tori took the handrail and stepped out as I watched. The moonlight glistened off her back as the water ran down the lines of her spine and hipbones, her wonderful heart-shaped derriere flexing as she stepped up and around. The curving stairs then brought her profile in view, her perky,

The Beguiling

some of the overspill frequenting the main bar and I was happy that I had decided to return to the big city as I’d already had fun catching up with old friends from more than a decade past. The birthday girl’s brother, who had been the instigator of my invite, had roared loudly when he’d seen me and broken off from the group he was with to hug me

Blind Date II

meet a stranger and let him spank her. She already knew that she would like to meet him again. In the morning, she inspected her bottom in the mirror and was frightened by the view. Both cheeks were dark violet. The stripes and welts were not visible but they were tangible by hand. So he was right when he said that he had exaggerate the spanking.

The Cuckold - Part 1

next to Sandy. I was on the verge of tears. I couldn’t believe what a willing little slut she had turned into.“Sandy,” I choked out, “I can’t believe how aggressive you were. I thought we agreed that you would be very passive and just let him do his thing.”“That’s before I saw his monster cock. Something about seeing that huge dick really turned

Watching Sue Story 3

than you, of course you did, you’ve seen him in action haven’t you, when he fucked me the first time. He really fills my pussy with that hard hot prick, I just love feeling him inside me and when he cums Ohhh its heaven to feel him spurting his cum in my pussy, theres so much of it, sometimes it runs down my legs.”“So how often do you see him.” I

Power Chapter One: In The Beginning

father had been abusive to me, my three sisters and my mother. He was killed in an auto accident while driving drunk. I only went to the funeral to assure myself that he was really dead. I was 16. My mother had taken out a fairly large life insurance policy on him because he had no thoughts about providing for his family if he died. Now he was

A Letter

starts to lubricate your forbidden hole and you know very well why. As the others look on, he slowly pushes his cock in and starts to thrust, slow but deep. You start to moan uncontrollably and a few minutes later, you feel him pump his seed deep inside of you. That is too much even for you, and your oversensitive nerves shoot you up to orgasm

Under His Spell: Chapter 4

I sighed, then inhaled deeply and decided; One, I will not get mad… two, nope, I will not get mad… three, okay, I will be mad at the invasion of privacy - but later. First, I’m going to enjoy the night.  That decided, I left the bathroom, intending to ask Joe to pull up the zipper on the dress, find some jewelry and put on my shoes.  “Brie, there

Swing Party Part 1

did this for about 15 or 20 minutes. During this, I was listening to all of the sex going on. After about 20 minutes, he lifted my head, let out a moan, and came all over my face. I went into the bathroom and washed my face.I was so horny now, clawing the walls. I needed to fuck. I noticed that it was still early, just after two o'clock, so I

Breaking Up

to face me again. ‘I had never doubted it until that very moment. I feel like you were only proclaiming your love for her benefit and it made me feel cheap. It made me feel insignificant, like our private relationship needed justification. It didn’t matter that I had been laying there in pain moments earlier. It was more important for you to

Bad Daddy

climax. Sex was always more intense for her after receiving punishment. I wouldn’t stop her, of course, as I was too desperate to feel her cum on my stiff prick. I watched as my wife buried her face into the mattress, trying to muffle the loud moan she made when she orgasmed. But I kept thrusting, feeling all of her muscles contract all around

The Party Crasher

so damn perfect, only it’s not. I’m still stuck here in my hotel room and she’s what seems like a thousand miles away, even though she’s just across town. So close but so far away. Think damn it, think, I say to myself until I’m pecking away on my PC. Sure enough, I have just enough information to find her neighborhood, if not the actual address.

Blood of the Clans Ch. 10

in any way he could against his foes. The scene at Eilean Donan, was just as sombre and filled with sorrow, as the bodies of the fifty seven fallen clansmen and the sail of Braedon Stewart’s birlinn were loaded aboard the MacRae’s re-claimed birlinn. Robert MacDonald gave the order to row and set sail, as he looked back at Grayson and Garreth,

Awakenings Ch. 40

the door open so he can watch.” “And he likes to watch.” “Yes daddy, I think he's like you. He loves to watch.” Hearing my daughter comment on my sexual inclinations caused me to wince, but realizing that Jeanne had spent countless hours taking to my daughters about our situation I let it pass. Jodie continued. “I think Teddy's kind of a cross

Silver, Blue and Gold Ch 01

fidgeting. Jake tried to distract her by asking for stories of Cam in high school. Molly had a few, and Cam blushed more than once. After they'd chatted for a while, Molly found she couldn’t sit any more, and began to help clear the table. She hoped it wasn’t gauche, but she had to do something. Her father's voice rattled in the back of her mind,

Emergency Room Doctor

if her rapists had quite a time with her. She was finally strangled by them. I knew that, because the bruises on her neck were matched by the crushed parts of her windpipe. What no one else at the hospital knew, until now that is. Is that I had been "using" patients like this woman for several years in between "live" girlfriends. I gotta say that

A Trip To Remember

plunged into her and froze with his hard cock buried so deep he was touching her cervix, she passed out momentarily. When she regained her senses, he was exploding inside of her, his hot cum drenching her deep inside, splashing against the cervix wall over and over again. She cried out as she came so hard she thought she would pass out again.

Just Bags On Her Chest

the bedroom she insisted on turning the lights off and getting in bed. I wanted to see her naked but I figured that could wait until morning if it had too.When she tied my hands to the bedposts with silk scarves I realized that sweet innocent Laurel, had a darker side to her.She sucked my already hard cock into her mouth then quickly slipped her

girls fun for all

there . thatswheni noticed a padded table in the living room with 4 eye hooks in the ceiling at the corners. i went over and sat down on the cool fabric of the table and she said lay down panty boy so we can have our way with that cockhead of yours . you see we are gong to tease that cum out of that prick of yours slowly. gobs of it you will

A Strange Day Ch. 04

for me Baby?’ she cooed as she looked up at him. Oscar grunted and nodded. She smiled and gripped him with both hands. She smiled and mouthed his head wetly. ‘Cum for me Baby,’ she whispered. ‘Do you want to cum in my mouth or on my tits?’ ‘…mouth!’ Oscar gasped, unable to form a complete sentence as his orgasm began. She giggled, placed his cock

Andee Loses a Bet ... and Her Panties

panties and across her now swollen clit. As it did, Andee moaned a little louder with the sensation of having the new man touch her there. His touch sent a sexual jolt through her whole body. He lightly brushed across the moist opening to her cunt, not quite penetrating but teasing her enough that he could feel her hips arch slightly, as if she

Just to Get By II

was different and I had to come up with excuses every day. I even started writing down ideas in the morning. I made sure to be at the bus stop early to talk to Jay, who was oddly interested in everything about me and we hung out in the hall a lot lately. Today, I was especially cheerful, knowing Id manage to get through it. But as soon as I

Kylie and Adams surprise. "Kylie's mom?!"

at her thong for two minutes before moving again. He had the biggest fucking boner ever. He slowly moved her thong to the side and started lapping at her tight pussy like a dog. It was so tight you couldn't see the clit. It looked just like a lip. Kylie didn't move. She didn't feel Adam at all. Adam stopped. He couldn't take it. He jerked a few


the pussy one on and told her why. "When you start getting into it I am going to get you from the back and go for the ride with you, if you want me to.""Ok" she said. "It also comes with a double dildo for times that you want just this driving you crazy." I held it up to her and she smiled."But for now we are going to play with it, but first you

Stepsister Seduction Chapter 8: Jenna has fun With Anna, Then Kelly Joins Them

you can either just focus on the clit, or what I prefer is alternating between sucking on the clit and sticking your tongue into her pussy, sucking out the sweet nectar," Kelly said, smiling at Anna. Anna nodded once, moving her head towards Jenna's open pussy, sticking her tongue out and running the tip up her friend's exposed insides. Jenna's

Camilla Ch. 052

the way we can. Only now with us it’s even better than before, thanks to the drink. After that whipping, to have healed so quickly, we’re women Wolverines, you know? The X-Women!’ ‘Yeah,’ Candice laughed. Then she and Camilla started whispering. ‘We can influence things with our minds, too. I’m sure all those masked men ran back into the burning

Divorce Women...

Lacy panty. She asked me to do the same but i only removed my shirt. after some time she started stroking my neck and pulling my light beard. She started making fun of my beard and i told her it was really irritating to have beard and women were lucky not to have one. She said that even women had beard but at a different place and pointed towards

The Web of Temptation~Long~

me, and Sven handcuffed me to the shower bar. I hand't even seen him grab the cuffs! I was in for it. It was apparently my turn to succum to their whims. Hell, why not, I didn't want to control the whole night. I let them feel me and soap me up. I was slick wiht lather and the shower smelled of sweet mellons, and wet pussy. They cleansed


be honest. I’m lonely, he’s awfully cute, and I’m tempted. But I won’t do anything stupid. I’d like to think I’m not that careless of a person. I was thinking, tonight, when he messaged me on Facebook, that I shouldn’t even talk to him. But the evil interweb intervened, as it does. Someone sent me another tacky app, ‘Sexy Date’ I think it was.

The Training of a Maid

juices. Susanna’s hips start swaying, her breathing quickens. She arches her back, her whole body quivers. Ingrid’s tongue finds susanna’s clitoris. She flicks tongue around it then sucks it and licks it. . . . susanna’s moans and cries reach a crescendo as the big O washes over her. . . . and over her . . . again and again over her. And finally,

The Rocker Part 1

and that the syndrome was hereditary, even though family pictures prove nobody else looked this ugly. So my parents cursed me with the name of Dana Willie Burke "what the fuck did I ever do to you?" should've just named me prison bitch. I have an older sister from another mister born six years before me when my Mom was sixteen and a younger

Mother Training

gag now and untie your arms will you stand still and remain quiet?’ I nodded my head as much as I was able to. He smiled and said, ‘If you disobey me it starts again.’ I nodded again and he reached between my lips and pulled my daughter’s soiled underwear out of my mouth. I gasped for air and tried desperately to get moisture in my mouth but

Mrs. Jessups House (part one)

once. Mr. Jessup was away often because he worked on the railroad. That meant he might be away for days at a time. That was alright with me because it gave me more of a chance to peek at Mrs. Jessup whenever I could. We lived right next door, with only about ten feet separating the houses. She lived in an old house, built in a desert town long


sides of him I never would have guessed at I do not even think he himself knows his bonds , he is about to have one of the wildest days of his life …The day starts out as any other day , up at 6 am shower shave and get out the door by 7 am , But today I have a surprise waiting for him as he gets out of bed mm he stretch and walks over to the

This one time at diabetic camp

say my blood sugar was low. Yah, high school was easy for me. Before I get too deep into the story, My name is Lee, I am 19, 5ft 11, light skinned black, a fair amount of muscle and a six pack that ladies love to lick, touch and kiss. I live in Arlington TX, right next to the Cowboys Station, and sadly a virgin. I do not mind because I know this

I Find True Love Thanks To Porn

and long cock in front of me. It certainly was something else!I’d never sucked cock but I didn’t need any lessons. It was his turn to moan as my lips closed over the enormous head. I sucked him into my eager mouth and I felt fingers caressing my slit. I wished I could open my legs even wider for him. He moved his hips very slowly back and

A Loner Mentalist Pt. 04

his gaze towards the corner, expecting her to pop out from behind it at any moment. He dreaded it at the same time. When she finally came around the corner, she hesitated for a moment and then walked right up to him. Before he could say anything, she said, ‘I’m so sorry, Jack. Please, forgive me! I didn’t mean to blow up on you like that this

Illicit Affair- Chapter 4- Drunk in Lust

many lovers cry out in pleasure, but hearing Rachel vocalize her state of bliss aroused him in ways no other had been able to do. His heart began to pound harder as he found his release. Rachel felt his muscular body collapse on top of hers as he supported his weight on bent elbows. They were both exhausted. Let’s get carried away… got way too

Caught You Looking Chapter 2

go to his. After pulling his T-shirt over his head he turned to face me, smiled and then unlocked his car. I stood watching, unsure what to do. I was disappointed when he got in the car and started the engine. "You better get inside" he said to me as he drove away. Since then I've not seen or heard from Colin, it's been four days. I went in

Price of Past Miracles Ch. 07

to do a swimsuit shoot for the following spring and both of them had been fending off advances from a couple of the other models also working the shoot. So Jonnie and Barbie had put on an ostentatious display of a mock sensual kiss, not knowing that a celebrity tabloid photographer had been hiding nearby trying to catch racy photos of all the

Charlie and Clyde

the ocean. I was pasty white with no suntan at all. Charlie wore a modest bikini, her stomach and chest were as white as mine. In her swimming suit it was easy to see that she had a terrific figure. Her legs were long and thin with a small ass and flat stomach. Her beautiful breasts were like magnets. I got hard every time I looked at Charlie

Meeting Emma at the Hotel Part 1

told me.” I said to her dad.Mal replied. “She has always enjoyed having a cock in her mouth or fingers in her tight bald pussy.”Then he reached out to cup her small breast in his hand and said. “Just the perfect size, a handful is all that's needed.” And as he pinched her nipple he added. “She loves her nips being pinched and bitten.”My body

Drunk Mom and Me - 2

away from her legs and pulled the robe apart there too, revealing her beautiful black bush. Gawd that was so exciting. My cock was throbbing inside my pants and I had to take it out now.It was full as it could be and I wanted to fuck her so bad but needed to be careful. Getting caught was not on my mind as I wondered how to begin fucking Mom. I

ASMTD Ch. 04

and turns, like every new page inspires a new emotions. For part of the story you have no clue what’s going on and then it clicks and it works and it’s fantastic. And the ending is perfect and satisfying and you read it again and it’s even better than the first time. You learn new things and everything starts to make sense and you get new ideas

Brothers Best Friend

loud compared to our breathing but the casualness of it as if he were about to start a conversation on the weather, “this is like a band-aid, you just gotta pull it off.” With that said he was no longer moving millimeter by millimeter he forced his entire cock into me. I felt the slight force he had to put into it for I was pushed further into

Nightly Decisions

and Christmas presents.""Lucky. My birthday is in June so I get like nothing." I sat on the couch. Rock sat next to me. We turned on the Xbox and started to play Happy Wars for a bit. His phone went off.*Hey, ran into Tommy. Be a there a little longer than expected.*"Damn. Tommy ran into J again. He'll be here later." Rock said."Aww. Can we play

Tiffany goes camping

dishes while the men sat around the fire joking and talking about their plans for the next day. Upon my return from the stream I stood near the men and waited to see what would happen next. I didn’t have long to wait. “Who told you to stand up?” Jessie asked. Then to Steven he said, “I thought you told that slut she was supposed to stay on her


and a tear slipped down her cheek. Her throat felt thick. “No,” he said. He turned off the stove and took her hand. He led her to the bedroom. He undressed her. He kissed her neck. His fingers danced down her belly, and he kissed her nipples. She undressed him. When she uncovered the familiar scar across his ribs, an injury he’d received when he

Helen… Ch. 17

attitude that Harry had never seen before. He scratched his head in frustration, thinking about what was coming next. ‘No,’ Greta replied. ‘We were just…’ ‘Look, if the truth be known, I fucked Greta. I seduced her ok?’ Harry explained. ‘She just needed some loving. It was personal, not professional on Greta’s behalf. That is what happened.’ ‘So

From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 20 re-posted

Tue 30th of December 2014No persons involved in sexual acts or even witnessing the same are included in this series under the age of consent. A person under the age of consent may be mentioned in passing but he or she as the case may be is only casually attached or included in this series as a casual informal non-participant in any fornication of

Can Librarians Change Their Ways?

restaurants, cruising the aisles of the late night supermarkets, or even, as I was to find, the local library. This city had several libraries, big and small. Some stayed open late, until 10:00 p.m or so. And they were all filled with librarians. The ones I was interested in were the mature ones who had that look in their eye of maybe never

Athlete Gets What She Wants

into my ear “Fuck me. Now.”   I pulled her to the side of the bed, and stood up.   I pointed my hard dick at her sopping pussy, slowly sliding my tip in there and pulling it out quickly.   I teased her like this for a few minutes until I forced myself all the way inside with one slow but firm thrust.   Her eyes were shut with pleasure and pain.  

a new life for Ruth part two

allowance rather eyebrow, but noting the money could come in handy. Ruth wondered would he really be so happy if he knew just what she would really be doing to earn the money.It was ten the next morning when the car turned up, just the one occupant a lady probably late fifties early sixties. Ruth thought how well dressed and made-up she looked,

Secret Society in school - part 4

I closed the bathroom door. I walked over to the bedroom door, shut it quietly, and made room for everyone to sit.We sat around, just chilling. I grabbed candles, lit those and turned out the lights. It was a really cool scene, and as we got more and more buzzed, time flew by quicker and quicker. The bin I had under the bed seemed to fill up with


year old daughter.And when we attended our first Canadian Bon Fire and Spirit Feast, he raped me right in the open in front of his family and friends in attendance. He dragged me out into the light of the fire, stripped my clothing off while I was in tears and crying out for deliverance from this madman. He threw my clothing into the fire and

Power Chapter Twenty-Five: Whatever Could Go Wrong With That?

to drink, to have sex, and then to drink again. Whatever could possibly go wrong with that?” Gosh, I’d never thought of it that way. It was just a lounge. At the end of summer I flew home for a week. Bethany picked me up at the airport. We were invited to the Parkers’ to spend the night. “Not sober,” I said, “and I have no intention of getting

Dancing for Matt

still lingered on his mouth I wondered out loud if it was too much to hope a condom could magically appear. He let go of me long enough to locate his abandoned jeans and produce a condom. Bless him. I held out my arms, dropped my thighs open as wide as they would go and thanked the heavens. The summer breeze felt cold on the wet skin between my

Desiree’s Star

to the keg and grabbed a cup. She looked around and spotted her brother talking to a tall brunette and smiled. Now he was over Candy. Time flew as Desiree drank and laughed, looked at the stars and talked about old times. She plopped down on the ground facing the small lake that was enclosed by the woods. She sat staring at the dark water


my hardened clit. Watching a scene I never even considered, in my aroused state, my knees weakened each time my father groaned. GOD I wished I was sucking that cock! But NO! That was my father's. The tool that created me. That's so wrong, yet it excited me seeing it disappear and reappear from my mother's mouth. A this time my mother rose to her

Shape Shifter 2

quickly stopped , raised and smooched me... we were smooching so hardly tht we went right at each other and I landed with my back on the chair. He smiled and got between my legs. He pulled my panties off as I raised both my legs. As he spread my legs , I nervously clinched to the couch and bit my lips. I was looking at his cock... as he


job to avoid having to return home to his parents as a failure, just as they had predicted he would. After sitting his final exam, Harry received an emailed instruction from his education provider to go to Legs R Better In Stockings International to be interviewed by Miss Jess Jenkins. ‘God what a name and the name of the company isn’t much

Coma Ch. 02

good and that I was a very lucky man. I sure didn’t feel that lucky, laying there in bed. He was interested in my memory and of what I thought were dreams. He said very few coma patients who woke up ever mentioned having or remembering their dreams. ‘I don’t know Doc, I remember hearing someone singing and reading to me. I assumed it was my wife

Stranger Sex – Part 1

with his wife of ten years.But tonight, like so many nights, the thought of her warm curvy sleepy body did nothing to offset the need to follow his curiosity with the women who like to stay up late in the chat rooms.Never one for typing, these weren’t the web chat rooms but the premium phone lines. And though he was having hell hiding the

evil genius: Kathy

on her pussy through several heavy releases and Kathy was screaming with everyone. Her daughters were spying on them through her bedroom windows. Ian saw them and gestured them to come inside. Kathy had by now drank 3 quarters of the bottle and was now totally drunk. This made controlling her easier. Now he could ask her things and get

Lost Empire 25

really is an honest man. I'm glad I was right about him, Mary, have you received any word from him since we sent him home?" "No Sire, not as yet though he isn't due for a few more hours with the report." Mary informed Derrick. "Alright," Derrick replied then thought a few more moments. "You know Hartwell, I think it's about time we visited the

Wendy and the Purple Potion

Fuck yes! That's it! Plough right through! Ream that nasty cunt, you fucking bastard...Fuck me, Matt. Fuck me and tell me you love me. That's the last thing I want to hear before...fucking chew that nipple!"I was now balls deep in her and thrusting like mad, feeling virginal blood and pussy juices cascading down my ever tightening balls. I didn't

Help wanted part 9 (last) and The Shower

Just couldn't stop. I was rubbing so hard. My legs started to feel weak and I fell to my knees. I was rubbing furiously. My heart was racing with every stroke. I threw my head back and arched my back and let out a loud moan, I just couldn't hold it.I felt a hand on the back of my head. Shocked, I looked down and he was there. On his knees. he

Midnight Romeo

I had ever been with anybody else that mattered. Our breaths grew shallower by the second, as he was not giving either of us time to breathe. His hands played at the hemline of my shirt, while mine traveled up his neck and knotted themselves in his hair. His surprisingly soft fingertips traced the outline of my body under my shirt. In the blink


before bed but felt distracted by what I'd done earlier that morning and wanted to do it again. As I brused my teeth, I absently moved my hand toward my breasts and started to rub them through my shirt. I moaned out loud and knew it was time to get into bed.I climbed in and took off my top. I lay back and slowly pinched and rolled my soft pink

Frontier Academy 2: Tryouts

just been jealous that Logan became leader of his own Squadron when he was just a first year.”Both Kyle and Haley sighed, but before they could say anything else, they were interrupted by an announcement over the school’s intercom system.“The tryouts will begin shortly.” Max noted, then looked back to his friends. “Hey listen, if you want to try


Her hand then travels farther south as she discovers my wet pussy. A finger gently flicks my clit and I moan again. She grasps my clit between her thumb and finger and pulls lightly as my back arches. ‘Flip over.’ She says. I oblige and quickly flip over onto my stomach. Her hands roam down my back, over my ass, and down to my soaked pussy. She

The Wynford Wives

first, until the exact same thing happened a couple of days later. This time Abbey was in the middle of showing Caity her latest commission, when her mobile chimed once more. She listened in silence, replied in a monotone, and immediately gave the same excuse as before, down to the precise turn of phrase. Then it happened a third time, and then a

My Sex-Packed Holiday Part 8 – Taking it Up the Arse

look after our purchases, and went back towards my room. I was feeling a bit sticky between the legs after my impromptu fuck, and felt the need to wipe myself down a bit, especially the trails of pussy juice down my thighs. But I didn’t actually make it, since as I was turning the corner I bumped into Abi coming out of her room. “Mmm, hello

Freedom Flight

for the soap and lathered it in her hands. She washed his still hard cock, around his balls and turned him to wash his arse gently. She ran her soapy fingers up and down his back, over his shoulders he turned and lean against the tiles as she washed him down his chest. He moaned softly. He rinsed himself off as she watched, devouring him with her

Me and Hannah's first time

on and on rather not tell you all of it its mostely apologies and her yelling at me thats basically it, and finally she starts acting tough saying shes stronger then me i and got the usual "whatever" from her and she jumps on me but shes tickilish in the sides and right above and right below the boobs and the stomach and i tickled her and kept

Alien Impulses

that I was starving and started buttering up a roll before I remembered that I may have been abducted by total strangers and was now in some totally foreign city against my will. ‘You must have a lot of questions. Please be at ease with us. I can only assure you that, despite how this may seem, you will come to absolutely no harm. In fact, you

The Demerit System

a broad smile on his face. ‘Pete,’ he thought to himself, ‘life is good. In an hour, you are going to get to spank the three prettiest girls you know.’ Pete was in his late 40s. He had been a widower for ten years, having lost his wife to cancer. She got sick before they could start a family, and losing her had been hard. But he had fallen back


remodel it into a multi-purpose juvenile entertainment center. It had a meeting room for a Boy’s Scout and Girl’s Scout troop, each. And a game room for the older kids, with a toy play room for the younger ones.Along with that he put in a series of pools for the kids to enjoy in the warmer weather. One for the age group of one to six, one for

Naked in a Hotel Corridor

staircase. There was silence. No-one was coming. She looked at me, and I smiled. “How did I do?” I asked, my breast still heaving. “You were … amazing,” she said. Suddenly, she pulled me towards her, kissing me hard on the lips. I opened my mouth and felt her tongue slip inside, wrapping itself round mine. I wanted her too, and I put my hand up


. Daddy had this dreamy glassy look in his eyes watching my body shake and quiver as I came and said “yes,baby, it’s called squirting and not many women have experienced the intense pleasure of such a massive orgasm” shoving his finger back deep inside me making me squirm in sheer bliss.My Daddy stopped what he was doing and moved up between my

Crossdressing Nephew and His UNcle

my sexy black panties to one side under my ripped hose. He slides his cock into me and lets out a loud "Oh My God!" I start breathing heavy as he fucks me,in and out,in and out. Slow,then fast,slow then fast again. Uncle Henry,soon joins us and positions himself infront of me and I take his hard meat into my mouth. Sucking him long and deep,while

A Taste of Cheerleader Discipline Ch. 02

back to his car. On a week like this, it was typical that he had failed to achieve his goal. Tonight, he would have to settle for porn on his laptop. Suddenly, he spotted someone in a cheerleader uniform hiding underneath the bleachers. Mr. Hardown followed her. He was determined to see who it was and what they were doing. It was Jenna. Jenna

Always Faithful - Chapter Two

a big club of a cock, long and thick and strong. Does he know how to use it or is it a show horse? Laura will find out; she always said I knew how to use my cock. Laura loves having my cock inside her, even if it isn’t as big as Greg’s horse cock. She loves me and my cock; she said so this morning and in her email. No she didn’t say that in her

The first time my husband saw me with another man.

what cum was left in my mouth and then swallowed and again showed him my mouth. This time it was empty. Damn Babe, that was hot. Now its my turn to return the favor. He picked me up and tossed me on the bed. I pulled my knees up and spread them wide. My pussy lips parted and you could see how wet I was. Frank dove head first between my legs. His

Driving with Uber, An Unexpected Benefit - Chapter 10

have thanked him more than once.   I simply could not believe that you were not completely open and honest with me from our first conversation.  I said that I was upset.  I think that the real feeling is that I was hurt, deeply so.”In the meantime, I was sitting watching Klara provide this commentary to her sister.  I saw that Khrys was not

How Anna discovered she is a little whore. Part 1

I froze up. My whole body tensed as a zap of sensation shot through me as a wet hot tongue glided over my pussy. My eyes widened in surprise, my mind swirling in conflict as my thighs relaxed and opened. His groan made me shiver and scream as his tongue buried itself into my pussy, it swirled in me as it coaxed my body to submit. I tried fighting

Egg Ch. 2

She replied with a giggle. “Where are you?” He asked. “Hiding.”“Why?” Jacob asked shifting around in his chair to study his room. His eyes traced over every surface with no luck in finding her. “Because I am terrified,” she said. “Of me?”“I am vulnerable right now,” she said. “With being attached, my metamorphous made my new body soft.”“I’m

Taming Her Flock

time soon, my little lamb?”“No, Mistress Mary,” Penny answered.Mary brought the crop down on Penny’s red ass and asked, “Mistress Kayla, do you think she’s been sufficiently punished to earn a taste of you?”Though she was fully prepared to answer yes, she saw Mary give a shake of her head and hold up one finger while lifting the crop above

The Benefit of a Storm

a fantasy. It had been three years since that rotten mongrel of a boyfriend had left me. The bastard, he even had the front to fuck me just before he left. God, I miss his fucking. I look at my body lying there, not bad for sixty three I thought. My tits not quite firm, but not as saggy as the bitch he left me for. I touch a nipple and instantly

Wife Reluctantly Agrees to Husband’s Fantasy

skin on my belly. That felt really nice. Eventually, he moved his hands around and touched me on my bare back. He then reached around and grabbed my bra strap, held it in his hand, and unclasped it. OMG! What a pro! He’s obviously done this a few times before. He came back around and lifted my bra up over my titties and started fondling my

Bring Your Master To Work Day Ch. 01

there wasn’t a woman in the company who wore larger than a size 4. Desiree had actually gone so far as to make special deals with local vendors so the ladies could renew their wardrobes for their healthy new bodies. Megan hadn’t even really needed to, but then, the discounts were just too darn good. Practically half her paycheck went to buying

Perfect Sunday

tantalising glimpses of his cock glistening with her succulent juices as she lifted and lowered herself using long slow satisfying strokes. I heard her say slowly and quietly, “Oh babe, I still can’t believe how good it feels to have your big cock inside me.” I made sure they were both looking at me watching them before I uncrossed my legs and

A unusual situation

slid up and lowered her pussy to the head of my dick. She slid it into her about an inch and then another inch. She kept doing this until I felt her hymen. She looked me in the eyes and smiled and then wispiered in my ear will it hurt much? I wispiered back only for a second or so then your body will adjust to it and you will start enjoying it.

Am I Gay?

young I used to hitchhike as I had no other mode of transportation. I came from a very poor background and hitching gave me the means to get to jobs and other places I needed to go. I was grateful for the lifts and always thanked my benefactors. When I grew older and had the means to buy a car, I made it a practice to pick up hitchhikers as a way

Valerie Lewis–Part 2

But our time had come to an end. Monday morning came and he had to be getting back into town. We said our goodbyes, he patted my round ass, kissed me on the forehead and left. I didn’t delay and quickly gathered all my things, making sure I looked composed- hair was in place, lips gloss wasn’t smudged and clothes were neat. Going down to the

Between Courses

Taylor could tell she wasn’t enjoying herself. He’d seen enough genuine smiles at these corporate Christmas events that he could spot a fake one a mile off. It was a shame, he was sure if someone could pull a real smile to her lips she would be the most gorgeous woman in the room. Perhaps he’d have to give her a reason to smile. Thoughts of him

Discipline in the Park

it’s great to be a parent and a friend to your children — but, when a choice has to be made, a parent’s discipline is usually what’s required. I set about a plan, aware that taking on a disciplinary role over Mitchell was out of the question. He was now thirteen years old and his anger was getting worse. A couple of weeks later, on a Saturday, I

Adventures of Sarah - Chapter 8

of the store. She saw Hank standing at the edge of the department. She made sure the boys were behind her and moved towards Hank. As she got closer she noticed a young girl standing up next to her mom. She saw Hank staring at her and the girl was now running her fingers across her massive cleavage. Sarah felt a pang of jealousy hit her as

Aftermath Confessions Chapter 7 of 7 - Allie at Last

there. At least not until he told her."Do you want to know where I was, Allie?" At first, she was in no condition to answer. His busy fingers had her on the brink of cumming again, but then he pulled them away and began rubbing and tweaking her nipples, coating them with her wetness. She whimpered and fell back on the bed trying to catch her

Long Time Admirer

following note jotted down for me by the florist. My darling Marjory, I hope these roses please you, as your pleasure is all I strive for in my life. Please think of me as you enjoy them and know that I am always thinking of you. I signed the note ‘A long Time Admirer’ Later that morning I got a phone call from Marge, ‘Ah Mike did you send

The Skull

storm continued to rage and showed no sign of ending before the day had first, and so the merchant decided that he would spend the night in the cave, and to that end, began to explore his cozy shelter. In the darkness, he stumbled and fell onto the ground. When he looked back, he saw a discarded skull, smooth and white, its flesh devoured by

Boy Cum Dump

my arm up but my muscles were really weakend by whatever they put in me, I did try but I couldn’t move, seeing me fail he adjusted my legs for me so that he had me spread wide for him, my lubed asshole could feel the air, now he placed his hand on the floor, he looked like a gorilla, my legs were wrapped around his beefy forearms and I was

Dirty little secret

all of a sudden, he started kissing my cheeks then to my neck. The way it felt made my spine shiver and made me wetter. I want to fuck him so bad but I don’t want to give into this temptation. As my mind starts to wonder, I felt his lips onto mine. It felt so different. Nothing I have experience. He forced me to open my mouth and once I felt his

The Centaur's Slave - Part 2

to walk the rest of the way,” he said.“What’s wrong with riding?” Lillian asked, already sliding down from his back.“It would be… unseemly. It’s best to show my people your strongest front. Strength is what centaurs respect,” Anchius said seriously.“I understand… but I’m afraid I’m not going to be up to centaur standards of strength,” Lillian

A Watching Brief

or one of his shady mates. We could never go out because we never had any money. Do you know, I've never been on holiday?""Not even to the coast?""Never.""We'll soon sort that one out. I didn't tell you but I've got a villa on the island of Gran Canaria. I was thinking of asking you if you'd like to go."Would I? ”I'd love it,” I said,

A hot night with Kate Winslet

cock and slid his cock to the tip of her tongue waiting for it.“OH LOVE! Mmm…”Luke’s cock throbbed and cum showered over Kate’s tits and he leaned back and sighed. She grabbed her tits and licked the cum off them leaving Luke to grin in delight.Luke laid down next to her and they ended up in a spooning position. Luke drifted off to sleep and Kate

Bunkbed Sex in New York

as I tried to respond, she continues… ‘You like what you see?’ Her hand slowly moves up my thigh and tightly squeezes the inside of my leg as my cock grows harder and feels almost ready to explode!  I replied with a stuttered voice… ‘Its, its, its hard not to stare Maria.’ She leans for over to my ear and her hand moves further across my shorts,

Picking up good vibrations

I was paying to its mistress. I had been practicing my tantric meditation and breathing from Mantak Chias book on cultivating male sexual energy, gradually extending my time and rhythm to well over an hour, spending much more time on foreplay, especially around the breasts. Still, shared, life changing orgasms were few and far between. The Taoist

Mistress June

gave him pleasure, so I was thrilled.One day she decided to go early with a method on long-term (4 months), this method was to jerk the subject with a time limit decreases from week to week. I saw then spend 13min 30sec to.When I became such an early point when it touched my cumming, she left me. I respected his decision because it is women who

Recipes in a Prison Cell

his accent has disappeared. It’s still there, I know, but that Plexiglas filters it out. And, when I leave, I notice that I have developed a bit of one, missing his. An accent’s strange in a girl who’s lived in the Northwest for fifteen years. As I leave, at the end of the allocated hour, walking down the icy white hallway, fiddling with the


is reborn by the end of her shift. By flirting with Darkness, Raven dances with Death. The Goddess who performs miracles on Her knees. Eyes of a beast. Jaws of a succubus. Enrapturing beautiful women is a great pleasure, a process that is endlessly repeatable. Satisfied with my initial success, I am inspired to continue on. Nothing can restrain

A Magical Moment

really like this man, I thought to myself. We walked out the door. He back to work, me to the ferry dock, my car, and home. We texted often over the next two months and I had been back to the park at least once a week. I had managed to hike the trail often. I loved it. It was so quiet and peaceful, but also hot and sweaty. I’d gotten dehydrated

daddy needs a dick

as take away your sight. your hearing becomes restrained as i turn up the music.you feel my hands on your cheeks as i lift your head to kiss you softly then you feel my feet slip under your arms as i shimmy back underneath you. You catch the sweet musky scent of my cunt. you lick you lips with anticipation. i guide your head towards my still

Our Story Ch.5

inside. When I walked inside he was nowhere in sight."I'm in the kitchen." He called out. "Lock the door."After locking up I made my way into the kitchen. He busily worked away on something with his back to me. "Hope you're hungry." He said without turning around."I am actually." I confirmed. "You need help?" I didn't want to be rude."I've got

California - Who Says Revenge Isn't Sweet! Revised Addition

and sat by Stacy, as he put some lotion on his hands and rubbed them together, he stroked her thigh. Stacy lay back and spread her legs for the guy to start fingering her pussy. He added more fingers as he pumped his hand in her pussy and slowly she opened more and more, until his whole hand slid into her cunt. He kept pumping as a second guy

Cycling Home

am kind of skinny 59kg weight and 1,75m tall. I have B cup tits, which have become soft and saggy ever since I breast fed my two babies. I have big dark areolas and big nipples that tend to become stiff very quickly. I have dark brown hair top and bottom – I am not shaving my pubic area.I usually cycle to and from work and take the shortest

My Virgin Niece

She reached out again. This time with two fingers, and then three. Soon her whole hand was rapped around my cock and the other hand was examining my balls. She was a kid with a new toy and she was exploring it. There was no wonder that I started to get hard and in a few minutes with a full blown erection. Her eyes got big and she dropped my

Caught in the act Part 1

quickened, the woman’s face showed the pleasure she had. Looking through the window, the woman was transfixed, subconsciously her hand went down between her legs, she squeezed hard and felt the tingles of pleasure erupt upwards through her body, it felt so good she thought. Why were they having all the fun? she squeezed her own nipples and worked